TM’s going to unveil something that will leave you in tears

We’re all for cryptic teasers. Teasers that don’t reveal too much but are enticing enough that you wouldn’t want to miss it when everything’s revealed. And if we’re talking about cryptic teasers, TM‘s latest teaser has to be the most cryptic one I’ve seen yet.

All we have to work with from the telecommunications giant is….an onion?

Well, an onion, a vague message, a hashtag, a date, and a bold claim about being first in Malaysia for something. Apparently TM will be peeling/unveiling the onion on the 8th of June so I guess we’ll find out what TM’s on about then. There’s also a hashtag #JanganMembawang which can be roughly translated to “don’t gossip” or “don’t speculate”.

I hope it’s not a livestream of TM staff peeling onions because I’m pretty sure that’s been done before.

Jokes aside, this could be in reference to some kind of internet or mobile plan since they are a telecommunications company after all. However, an interesting note is that there’s no Unifi branding anywhere in the teaser or in the copy. The only tie to Unifi is that it was posted on the Unifi Mobile Facebook. In fact, the livestream will be streamed on the TM Group Facebook page (with just over 300 followers), not the Unifi Mobile Facebook page (with over 170,000 followers).

What could it be? We don’t really know but we’d love to hear what you think TM is going to reveal next month. Let us know in the comments below!