Did Ministry of Finance announce the abolishment of GST by 1 June 2018?

Abolish GST Malaysia 2018

UPDATE: Ministry of Finance announced that GST will be zero-rated effective 1 June 2018.

Today, a purported press release declaring GST will be abolished by 1 June 2018 has been circulating online. It claims to be from the Ministry of Finance and it also mentions that GST collected from 9 May 2018 will be refunded back as compensation. The purported release also mentions that no new tax will be introduced throughout the first two years of Pakatan Harapan’s administration.

The Ministry of Finance via their official Facebook page has just updated that such announcement is fake. If there’s an announcement related to GST, it would likely to come from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.

Pakatan Harapan did promise to abolish GST within 100 days as part of their GE14 election manifesto but nothing has been announced yet. If someone has forwarded or posted the picture above on social media, you could share the official link with them.

As always, please verify the source of news before sharing. Do not share if the source is questionable.

UPDATE: Ministry of Finance has just issued an official release:

UPDATE 2: GST will be zero-rated effective 1 June 2018. This affects all goods and services both locally and imported.

Alexander Wong