ookyo’s new plan is probably the best way to get unlimited for RM30/month

Just after Xpax revealed its new prepaid and postpaid plans, it’s now ookyo‘s turn and their new offering actually sounds really good on paper. The gist? Both the Social and Entertainment packs are gone. Now you get to decide what apps you want unlimited internet for.

It looks like ookyo has almost completely revamped their offerings to what appears to be a much better plan. Now, instead of choosing between two, sub-optimal plans, users can receive unlimited internet on any four apps of their choice from a list of over 100 different apps. The best part? This list includes YouTube. On top of that, you also get 5GB of high speed internet and 500MB of basic internet for everything else.

This means that you can pick four of your most used, internet demanding apps — say, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram — and then use the 5GB of high-speed internet for everything else that you might need.

Despite this new offering, the plan’s price has not changed and remains RM30/month for all of the perks listed above. Additionally, if you’d like unlimited calls and SMS, you can pick up the calls and SMS pack for an additional RM8/month. You can still purchase unlimited data for any other apps outside of the four that you’ve chosen from an additional RM3/month.

Keep in mind that this plan will completely replace their current offerings. Existing users on the old plans will only get to use their plans until the 21st of May 2018.

For someone like me, this sounds like an awesome plan because I primarily use social media and stream videos or music on my phone. The old packs forced me to choose between Spotify and my main social media applications — on top of forcing you to pay extra for YouTube — whereas this does not. What’s more, the “everything else” internet quota bump up to 5GB, from 4GB, is definitely welcomed.

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However, in case you were unaware, there is a big caveat when using ookyo. To gain access to their unlimited app data, you will have to enable a VPN and it only works on Android smartphones. This means if you’re on iOS, you can’t enjoy the unlimited perks. Further, the current unlimited internet plan for YouTube (RM12/month) is capped at 480p resolution so it’s likely that this will have that cap too. Still, I think 480p is an OK resolution for mobile.

For more information, head on over to ookyo.com.my.