Unifi Mobile tells you to reload when you actually don’t have to

Unifi Mobile Credit Expiry

Just recently, it was brought to our attention that some Unifi Mobile customers have received an SMS informing them to purchase an add-on in order to remain active. This came as a surprise since TM’s new mobile plan was all about non-expiring credits (#KreditTakMati) and you can pay at any time and only when you need to (#BayarBilaBila).

We’ve reached out to TM and they have issued us with an official statement.

According to TM, they have sent out SMS to its Unifi Mobile customers to encourage them to reload but they emphasised that your account can still remain active as long as there’s usage such as internet browsing, sending SMS and making calls. Below is their statement in full:

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform its unifi Mobile customers that there was an auto-triggered SMS being sent to customers encouraging them to reload their credits to ensure their lines remain active.

We wish to assure customers that their unifi Mobile account will remain active as long as there is usage such as internet browsing, video streaming, sending SMS, making calls, reload or purchase of any of the add-ons within 90 days from their last purchase and (or) usage date.

We remain committed to our promise of no expiry or #kredittakmati feature as highlighted during the recent launch of the unifi Mobile’s first ever mobile liberation “#BEBAS” plan.

For any further enquiry on unifi Mobile, visit www.unifi.com.my/mobile or unifi mobile social media page at www.facebook.com/unifiMobile.

When we checked with Unifi Mobile’s live chat, their customer service agents now have confirmed that any usage will prolong its 90-day validity period and the recently SMS sent was only to encourage its users to spend on reloads or add-ons.

So basically, nothing has changed and you get to keep all of your data, calls and SMS as long as you use it regularly. Assuming you have 20GB of LTE data, your line can last for at least 20 months if you consume an average of 1GB/month.

If TM wants their users to remain active, they could have just reminded them to use their SIMs instead of telling them to reload when they don’t need to. If the objective is to get people to reload or purchase an add-on, they could do a limited time promo like Yoodo where they offered 8GB of data for just RM8. We still think that Unifi Mobile should provide an easier way to check for validity on their mobile app.

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Alexander Wong