U Mobile trolls competitors on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t realise that the joke is on them

U Mobile has often positioned themselves as the value leader when it comes to data plans. Their postpaid and prepaid products often undercut their competitors with a huge amount of data which sparks a competitive price war. For Valentine’s Day, the orange telco has tried to do something funny by poking fun at their competitors.

On U Mobile’s Facebook page, they had dedicated Valentine’s Day messages for Digi, Celcom and Maxis. For Digi, they talked about their split weekday/weekend quota while for Celcom, they tried to do a word play with their FIRST postpaid brand. Perhaps, it has something to do with this “fight” from last year. As expected, U Mobile teases Maxis for having “overpriced plans” since U Mobile can offer unlimited options for less than RM100/month.

However, if you look at the comments for these posts, you’ll find users complaining about their network. We don’t deny that U Mobile still gives the best value on paper, but they really need to improve their 4G network quality and coverage. The experience on their network appears to have deteriorated as U Mobile is ending its RAN sharing arrangement with Maxis in phases.

According to the latest OpenSignal report, U Mobile is lagging behind its competitors in 4G speed, latency and availability. The performance of their network is also reflected on YouTube’s Video Checkup.

It’s cool that U Mobile tries to add some element of fun in the telco space but they need to back it up with more substance. The last time U Mobile did something like this was during Christmas in 2016. Unfortunately, they had to pull the videos down after it was clear that not everyone was happy about it.

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Alexander Wong