Lazada Malaysia’s new Apple Store is offering discounts up to RM1,500

Lazada is now an official authorised reseller of Apple products in Malaysia as well as 5 other countries in the South East Asia. The Apple store has finally gone live and they are offering significant discounts on genuine iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and original accessories as much as RM1,500 off.

For easy reference, we’ve listed out the notable offers after the break.


iPhone 8 64GB – RM3,649 RM3,279 (Save RM370)
iPhone 8 256GB – RM4,399 RM4,049 (Save RM350)
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – RM4,149 RM3,719 (Save RM430)
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – RM4,899 RM4,399 (Save RM500)

iPhone 7 32GB – RM2,749 RM2,709 (Save RM40)
iPhone 7 128GB – RM3,249 RM3,049 (Save RM200)
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – RM3,349 RM3,309 (Save RM40)
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM3,849 RM3,649 (Save RM200)

If you’re looking for a discounted iPhone X, unfortunately, they are selling it at the full retail price of RM5,149 (64GB) and RM5,899 (256GB). You can check out all iPhone deals here.


iPad Pro 10.5″ 64GB WiFi – RM2,999 RM2,919 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 10.5″ 64GB WiFi+Cellular – RM3,649 RM3,569 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 10.5″ 256GB WiFi – RM3,699 RM3,619 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 10.5″ 256GB WiFi+Cellular – RM4,349 RM4,269 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 10.5″ 512GB WiFi – RM4,599 RM4,559 (Save RM40)
iPad Pro 10.5″ 512GB WiFi+Cellular – RM5,249 RM5,209 (Save RM40)

iPad Pro 12.9″ 64GB WiFi – RM3,499 RM3,419 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 12.9″ 64GB WiFi+Cellular – RM4,149 RM4,069 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 12.9″ 256GB WiFi – 4,199 RM4,049 (Save RM150)
iPad Pro 12.9″ 256GB WiFi+Cellular – RM4,849 RM4,769 (Save RM80)
iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB WiFi – RM5,099 RM5,059 (Save RM40)
iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB WiFi+Cellular – RM5,749 RM5,669 (Save RM80)

The entry-level 9.7″ iPad for 2017 remains unchanged at RM1,549 for 32GB WiFi, RM1,999 for 128GB WiFi. If you need 4G connectivity, the WiFi+Celluar model is going at RM2,199 for 32GB and RM2,649 for 128GB.

Interestingly, the iPad Mini 4 is still available with a RM200 discount. The 128GB WiFi version is priced at RM1,699, while the 128GB WiFi+Cellular is going for RM2,349. You can view all the iPad offers here.

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Lazada is giving huge discounts on the MacBook/iMac line. The 12″ MacBook, 13″ MacBook Pro and 15″ MacBook Pro models can be yours with atleast RM610 off. For the biggest savings, the top of the range 15″ MacBook Pro 512GB with TouchBar is going at RM1,500 off while the highest spec 27″ iMac with a 3.8GHz processor is going for RM1,380 less from its original listed price.

13″ MacBook Air 128GB – RM4,199 RM3,899 (Save RM300)
13″ MacBook Air 256GB – RM4,999 RM4,699 (Save RM300)

12″ MacBook (Retina) 256GB – RM5,999 RM5,299 (Save RM700)
12″ MacBook (Retina) 512GB – RM7,199 RM6,199 (Save RM1,000)

13″ MacBook Pro 128GB – RM5,999 RM5,389 (Save RM610)
13″ MacBook Pro 256GB – RM6,899 RM6,289 (Save RM610)
13″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar+TouchID 256GB – RM7,999 RM7,189 (Save RM810)
13″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar+TouchID 512GB – RM8,899 RM7,819 (Save RM1,080)

15″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar+TouchID 256GB – RM10,799 RM9,719 (Save RM1,080)
15″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar+TouchID 512GB – RM12,499 RM10,999 (Save RM1,500)

21.5″ iMac 2.3GHz – RM5,099 – RM4,489 (Save RM610)
21.5″ iMac 3.0GHz – RM5,999 – RM5,299 (Save RM700)
21.5″ iMac 3.4GHz – RM6,899 – RM6,109 (Save RM790)
27″ iMac 3.4GHz – RM7,999 – RM7,189 (Save RM810)
27″ iMac 3.5GHz – RM8,899 – RM7,909 (Save RM990)
27″ iMac 3.8GHz – RM10,099 – RM8,719 (Save RM1,380)

You can check out all the MacBook offers here.


Across the board, the Apple store is offering 20% off on leather casing for the iPhone X and iPhone 8. You can enjoy discounts between 8-19% on cables, connectors, dongles, pencil mouse, keyboard and power adapters.

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One of the most interesting offers is the Apple AirPods. Retailing at RM849, the online store is selling them for only RM680. That’s a massive 20% off but unfortunately, it is out of stock at the time of posting.

If you’re interested in getting the Apple Watch, the online store is offering RM100 off across the range including Series 1 and Series 3. Series 1 Watch is priced from RM949, while the Series 3 is priced from RM1,449. For more information, you can check out Lazada’s Apple Store.

In case you missed it, Machines is offering a massive year-end sale for previous generation products that’s happening exclusively online on 12.12. They are offering a 9.7″ iPad Pro 32GB with WiFi and Cellular for only RM1,599 while the 12″ MacBook is going for only RM3,999. We are not sure if Lazada Malaysia is offering further discounts for 12.12 but you can catch up on the latest offers on our live blog that starts at 12:00AM tonight.

Alexander Wong