Users don’t seem very eager to upgrade to iOS 11

iOS 11 was a pretty big change to Apple‘s operating system. It brought about a whole bunch of new features for iPhone including a redesigned Control Centre, a new image file format, and a new Lock Screen. Then there’s also the fact that it completely changes the way you can use an iPad, transforming it from just your average tablet into something so much more.

With all that, you’d think users would be super eager to jump on board. You’d think that adoption rates would be through the roof because everyone wants to get a slice of those new features right?

Wrong. As it turns out, iOS 11’s adoption rate is even slower than iOS 10’s was.

This week, Apple shared some statistics for iOS 11 adoption on their Apple Store support page for developers. There, the company said that as of December 4th, 2017, 59% of iOS devices have upgraded to iOS 11. 33% of all iOS devices remain on iOS 10 while just 8% are on older versions.

Compared to Android, these are solid numbers, but as MacRumours points out, iOS 11 adoption is noticeably slower than iOS 10’s rate of adoption. They highlight that iOS 10 was installed on 54% of iOS devices one month after its official release whereas iOS 11 was only on 52% of devices one and a half months after its release.

With all the new features iOS 11 brought to the table, this seems pretty peculiar on the surface. But, if you look at a lot of the news surrounding iOS 11 and its updates, you will notice a common trend: It seems to be riddled with bugs.

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Just this week, Apple had to release iOS 11.2 ahead of schedule because of a serious bug that caused iPhones to crash or restart unexpectedly. This meant that the peer-to-peer Apple Pay Cash feature that was promised with the iOS 11.2 update was actually delayed.

Dig a little more and you’ll see reports of smaller bugs like the issue with Apple’s calculator and the “i auto-correct” bug, to larger problems like the unresponsive touch-screen issues on iPhone 6s.

In fact, if you look at the comments section on MacRumours’ post, you’ll see a whole bunch of negativity from what looks like users who had upgraded to — or are still dodging — iOS 11. The one about how the reason adoption is even at 59% is because people couldn’t roll back was hilarious.

What do you guys think of iOS 11? Have you upgraded? Facing any bugs? Let me know in the comments below!