Here’s a clearer look at the Galaxy A series for 2018

Before the next Galaxy S9 is unveiled, Samsung will be introducing its new Galaxy A series for 2018. If you’re wondering how it looks like, here’s another look at the device in a fresh batch of casing renders.

Following the current trend of having big screens in smaller phone bodies, the Galaxy A 2018 will get an 18:9 Infinity display like its current Galaxy S8/Note8 models. Because of the full screen, the fingerprint sensor is moved to the back.

Fortunately, the sensor placement is more practical now and it’s located right underneath the camera bump. This makes it easier to locate without smearing the camera lens.

It’s worth mentioning that these renders matched what we’ve seen so far in the earlier case leaks and unofficial 3D renders. Looking at the bottom of the device, you’ll be pleased that Samsung has retained the 3.5mm headphone jack.

In terms of specs, it is rumoured that it would run on an Exynos 7785 processor with 4GB of RAM and has at least 32GB of storage. We would also expect Samsung to retain the same IP68 dust/water resistance as its current Galaxy A series for 2017.


Alexander Wong