Apple is apparently working on their very own AR headset

While most of the world are setting their sights on virtual reality (VR) Apple instead is setting their sights on augmented reality (AR), and is working towards producing their very own AR headset.

The headset is going to be a brand new product out of Apple and will be something along the lines of the Apple Watch. Like the Watch,  it will have its own microprocessor and its own version of an operating system called rOS, which is likely based on iOS in some form.

Unlike some of the virtual reality headsets in the market, it will likely have its own screen as opposed to needing another device like a phone to run. But we don’t really know what it might look like simply because one of the few AR devices out there was the Google Glass, but its also possible that it might look closer to that of a VR headset as well, just hopefully less bulky.

Either way, the new device is estimated to have a 2019 announcement date, and be ready to ship as early as 2020.

What do you think it might look like? let us know in the comments!