This new Google Search feature will let you compare phones on the fly

Google’s apparently got a new Google Search feature on the way that will let you compare mobile phones directly in Search, specs and all.

The feature hasn’t been announced yet, but it apparently is accessible by a small handful of people.

The Google Search function, as you can see in the image below will allow you to write a query like “Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL” and the search engine will allow you to directly compare the specifications of the two devices. It even allows you to highlight differences between devices and check out pricing and reviews.

This is pretty nifty if you’re out hunting for your next device, but we’re not sure how it will behave given that there are regional variants for some models of devices and whether or not you will be able to finetune the search results and pricing based on your location.

No word when exactly it will be live either, but hopefully we get it soon.