Samsung thinks iPhone users should grow up

Samsung iPhone X grow up ad

Dear iPhone users,

Do you feel like you haven’t grown up? Like you haven’t really stepped into the adult world and fulfilled your full potential? Maybe, or maybe not, but Samsung definitely thinks you can do better and in their latest witty jab at Apple, the company shows you just some of the things you’re missing out on over at Camp iOS.

This ad hilariously documents a “coming of age” story where things kick off with our main character all the way back in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone. Then, it follows the main character through the years, through multiple iPhone upgrades and how many of them often came up short in several key features. Then, boy meets girl and “That’s a big phone” was what he said. She just giggled.

As the years went on, Samsung continued to point out some of the bigger flaws in Apple’s iPhone lineup like the lack of water resistance, the start of #donglelife, the lack of wireless charging, and even what seemed to be a light jab at the iPhone’s camera.

You could say that this makes Samsung look a little petty with how they drill down on specific features that the iPhone lacks but it is hard to deny how much of it is true. Plus, as a tech enthusiast, it’s easy to appreciate how smooth Samsung were with this jab, considering the sea of not-so-subtle ads by so many others.

Still, to be fair, Apple has definitely fixed quite a few of their shortcomings with the current-generation iPhone 8 and X. Water resistance? Check. Wireless charging? Check. Bigger phone? Check. Skinny bezels? Also check.

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The only thing that’s really missing is the headphone jack but I wonder if teasing the lack of headphone jack is really a wise move. After all, we all know what happened to the last company that made the exclusion of a headphone jack such a big deal.

Fingers crossed that they keep it on their next wave of phones though, because I really like Mr. 3.5mm Headphone Jack.