DxOMark crowns the Galaxy Note8 as the best smartphone for zoom

Samsung Galaxy Note8 DxOMark

When DxOMark recently gave the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus new record scores of 92 and 94 respectively, some had criticised them for changing their testing protocols mid-way. On top of that, they had only retested a handful of other smartphones and they have yet to provide any scores for other newer flagship smartphones.

To keep its DxOMark Mobile benchmarks relevant, they have finally given the Samsung Galaxy Note8 a full evaluation and it also scored 94 like the iPhone 8 Plus. In their review, DxoMark says the Galaxy Note8 the best smartphone for zoom.

Looking at the test results, DxOMark had given high scores for the Note8 mainly for its photo capabilities. It outperformed the iPhone 8 Plus with significant margins in autofocus and zoom. However when it comes to videos, the iPhone 8 Plus scored higher for its better autofocus, noise and stabilisation.

In their review, they found that the Galaxy Note8 had excellent zoom performance up to 4X and it has very low noise levels in low light conditions. As you would expect, autofocus is fast and accurate while it provides great details in bright light and low light conditions.

They have also remarked that the Note8 has limited dynamic range with frequent highlight clipping. According to DxoMark, that basically means that too-bright highlights or too-dark shadows are seen as uniform areas of whiteness or blackness. They have also mentioned that bokeh effect is sometimes not visible when it is enabled. For videos, they reported that there’s no autofocus tracking in default mode and there’s residual motion visible even while holding the camera still during a video recording.

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So despite having a similar overall score of 94 points, the Galaxy Note8 does better in photos with 100 while the iPhone 8 Plus scored 96. For videos, the Galaxy Note8 gets 84 while the iPhone 8 Plus gets 89. You can see the full breakdown below:

What do you guys think? You can read the full Galaxy Note8 camera review over at DxOMark. Below is their current ranking based on their new testing protocols.


Alexander Wong