The Galaxy Note8 can last for days with these cases

Galaxy Note8 Battery Case

The Galaxy Note8 is a powerful smartphone but its 3,300mAh battery leaves you wanting more juice from a single charge. If you wished your Galaxy Note8 had a bigger battery, these battery cases from ZeroLemon might be the accessory you’ve been waiting for.

With a built-in 5,500mAh battery, the ZeroLemon battery case will give your Galaxy Note8 more than 100% extra battery life. To put it on, just slide your Galaxy Note8 in like a regular case and it will connect to the device via USB Type-C. Even with the case on, the USB Type-C port at the bottom is still capable of syncing and file transfers to a PC.

The battery is rated for 5V/1.8A for both input and output, so the downside is that it doesn’t support Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging. The back of the case comes with a battery level LED indicator which you can check by pressing the button.

Apart from giving your device a longer battery life, it also doubles up as a protection case against scratches and daily wear and tear. It appears that wireless charging isn’t possible since there’s no mention of it on their product page. Obviously, this 5,500mAh battery pack adds more weight and bulk to the phone. It has a thickness of 19mm and it weighs 149 grams.

The ZeroLemon Galaxy Note8 case is currently going for US$39.99 (about RM169) but unfortunately, they don’t ship to Malaysia.

If 5,500mAh isn’t enough, it looks like an ever larger 10,000mAh version is also available. There’s no pricing for that model yet but it sure makes the Galaxy Note8 as bulky as a tank.

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UPDATE: It appears that the both ZeroLemon products are now available in Malaysia. The 5,500mAh unit is going for RM269.90 while the 10,000mAh version is going for RM339.90. More details here.


Alexander Wong