This prepaid gives you the best unlimited data in Malaysia

U Mobile Prepaid UMI 30
This post is brought to you by U Mobile

Always finding yourself running out of data? Why not get a prepaid that gives you more unlimited data than the rest?

With U Mobile, you’ll enjoy more data for your money. Not just basic throttled data but high-speed data with 4G speeds. On top of that, you get to enjoy more freedom with its Unlimited-Onz perks that are only available on U Mobile.

Get the most High-Speed Data in town

For RM30/month, U Mobile’s UMI 30 plan gives you a whopping 7.5GB of high-speed 4G data that you can use all the time. That’s 50% more than its nearest competitor. At U Mobile, there’s no complicated activation, time or network restrictions, so you can enjoy your data freely to do the things you love. If you want more, UMI 50 at RM50/month comes with 12GB of high-speed data.

Social is more than just Facebook

Why settle just for 10GB of Facebook? At U Mobile, you deserve true freedom to social as much as you want when you’re on U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan. With its App-Onz feature, you get unlimited data for Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram as long as your line is active. Now you can catch up with all your friends without using a single byte of data.

Unlimited Music Streaming

For those who enjoy music on the go, U Mobile lets you stream non-stop for free with Music-Onz. Why download when you can now stream your favourite tracks whenever and wherever? The best part, it covers more than 21 music platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. On top of that, you can also enjoy all-day free streaming for era,, MY fm and KKBox. So save your phone’s storage and start streaming without worrying about data.

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MORE DATA just for videos

Who doesn’t stream videos these days? U Mobile knows this and they are giving additional data for video streaming with Video-Onz. On U Mobile UMI 30, you get additional 2.5GB of Video-Onz which gives you a total of 10GB of high-speed data each month. If you need more, U Mobile is giving 4GB of Video-Onz quota on UMI 50. This isn’t just for YouTube as you can use Video-ONZ on over 20 video platforms including Netflix, iflix, Facebook and dimsum.

Free Late Night Streaming

Still can’t get enough? U Mobile is also providing free YouTube streaming everyday. This is applicable between 2am to 10am.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to switch to U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid to enjoy the Unlimited-Onz offering. For more info, visit U Mobile’s UMI Plans.