Xiaomi is opening their second physical store in Kuala Lumpur

Xiaomi has always been known — famously or infamously, you can decide — for their online e-commerce presence. However, for them to grow as a company, physical stores need to be a thing and they’re definitely moving in that direction with more sales going to authorised distributors instead of Xiaomi’s own online channel.

Recently, though, we found out that they’re planning to open their very own physical store here in Kuala Lumpur!

If you’ve been sashaying through Kuala Lumpur’s popular mall Suria KLCC, you might have spotted a huge Xiaomi banner that states “Coming Soon” plastered over a shop lot that’s undergoing renovation in the Ramlee Mall wing. Putting two and two together, we figured Xiaomi was opening a brand new store in the mall so we reached out to Xiaomi Malaysia and they responded that our deductions were indeed true.

According to Xiaomi Malaysia, the company expects the store to be fully operational at around October of this year. This is only the second official Xiaomi physical store to open in Malaysia, following the one that was launched in Penang.

If Xiaomi’s KL store is going to be anything like the one in Penang, then you can expect a whole bunch of items and electronics on sale there that you won’t be able to buy through official online channels here in Malaysia. Stuff like their Mi Trolley Suitcase, Smart Metal Suitcase, Xiaomi’s VR headset and even the Mi Air Purifier should show up in the physical store.

However, since Xiaomi is all about being a mobile internet company, we suspect the main attraction will still be Xiaomi’s smartphones and their accessories like the power banks, USB cables, LED lights and a bunch more.

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The good news is that when this store opens, you’ll be able to get some quality hands on time with whatever accessories you plan on purchasing before you actually purchase them…though we expect the store to be packed to its brim in the opening weeks.

We’re hoping that there will be some killer promotions or deals that will come with the launch of the store. Fingers crossed!