TuneTalk +VIBE 200 plan gives you 72GB for one full year

TuneTalk annual prepaid plan

TuneTalk’s new +VIBE plans are now getting a new yearly option. If you’re looking for a hassle-free prepaid experience that you can activate just once for a full year of data, this prepaid might just be your cup of tea.

For RM200, you can get a total of 72GB of data which is valid for 12 months. The base plan comes with 48GB/year and TuneTalk is adding another 24GB of data for free. Do note that the data will be allocated on a monthly basis so you’ll be getting 6GB of data each month.

If you do the math, that comes out to RM16.67 per month for 6GB of high-speed data. That’s less than RM3 per GB which is quite affordable. The +VIBE 200 plan comes with 1-year validity so you won’t need to top up extra credit unless you need to make calls and SMS.

Unlike the other monthly +VIBE plan options, there’s no free air time included so calls are still charged at 18 sen/minute while SMS costs 8 sen each. Once you’ve finished your monthly data quota, you can continue using it at a pay per use rate of 2 sen per MB.

To recap, +VIBE plans are different from your typical prepaid data offering. Instead of topping up a minimum of RM30/month and then subscribe to a monthly data plan, +VIBE is activated online with a debit/credit card. Your linked card will be charged automatically before each new monthly/yearly cycle until you decide to unsubscribe. In summary, it is a prepaid with a postpaid-like experience with auto-billing.

If you’re interested, the +VIBE plan is only available online.

Alexander Wong