Moto G5 Plus review: The difference is in the software


Moto’s G5 Plus came to me with a whole bunch of hype surrounding it. Reviews raved about how brilliant it was, and how it was all the Android smartphone you needed.

Needless to say, the bargain-hunter in me was looking forward to testing out this supposedly amazing budget smartphone.

We’re no strangers to good value smartphones. Xiaomi has pretty much led the way in the sub RM1,200 category with their effective Redmi smartphones. The Redmi Note 3 was last year’s king and this year we crowned the Redmi Note 4 king too.

So how can this Moto G5 Plus compete with the reigning champion? Well, the short answer is, it can’t. Not from a value perspective. However, it does have one really really compelling feature about it.

The Good

+ Great software
+ Fast camera
+ Good battery life

The Bad

– Average image quality
– Sub-par build quality
– Micro USB port