The new AppStore looks a lot like Apple Music

The Apple AppStore has recorded over 180 billion downloads since its introduction in 2008. As it gets 500 million visitors each week, Apple has finally given the AppStore a complete revamp it deserves. The new AppStore isn’t just a place to add new apps for iPhone and iPad as Apple wants to improve it for better discovery.

In terms of design, it looks pretty much like its Apple Music service. It has a nice clean and white interface with colourful cards to pique your interest. Since games are huge, it gets its own dedicated tab within the AppStore.

To help you to discover more, Apple has an editorial team to write daily stories on featured apps. They are also introducing curated lists that recommend a collection of apps to suit your preference or activities. So whether it is for entertainment or self-improvement, there’s always a list of apps for you to discover.

On the app product page itself, the ratings and chart positions are now more prominent and they have placed more emphasis on videos to give you a better idea of how the app works. In-App purchases are also shown up front so you can purchase specific game levels without going through the app.

The new AppStore will be released later this year together with iOS 11.

Alexander Wong