HTC U11 review: Surprisingly good


“What were you thinking, HTC?!” was the first thought that ran through my head when I saw the Taiwanese company announce the U Ultra and U Play smartphones. HTC, the manufacturer that set the gold standard for the metal bodied smartphone, was ditching the one thing they did better than anyone else.

I thought they had lost their minds. I was certainly disappointed to find out that HTC would also be sticking with the glass design for their 2017 flagship, especially since they made such a comeback with last year’s almost perfect 10.

So, clearly, I was going into this review with a little more disdain than usual. By the end of this review, I was confident that all I would get was confirmation that HTC had completely lost the plot. HTC wasn’t going to win me over, not after they killed what I loved so much about their flagships.

But here’s the thing, after spending some time with the HTC U11, it did win me over even if it was only a little bit. It impressed me just enough that I might recommend this to people looking for a flagship Android device.

The Good

+ Build quality is solid
+ Camera is awesome
+ Speakers are great

The Bad

– Screen and design feel dated
– Looks garish
– Average battery life