Cameras compared: Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S8


The Galaxy S8 is no doubt an improvement over the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. It gets a fresh new design that enables a large display to be fitted on a smaller form factor. When it comes to the main camera, many were somewhat disappointed that the main camera remains virtually the same. It gets a 12MP dual-pixel camera with the same f/1.7 aperture.

Although the Galaxy S8 has the same camera as the S7/S7 edge on paper, they had made some tweaks to improve image quality. To ensure that you’ll get the best shot in any situation, they have introduced multi-frame image processing. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S8 will take 3 shots when you hit the shutter button and it will pick the clearest image and it will use the other two shots to reduce blur. Combining the 3 images, this process also helps to capture more details, especially in low light situations. Despite taking 3 shots, the whole process is done so quickly that it feels just as quick as a regular Galaxy S7/S7 edge.

Meanwhile, the front camera gets a major upgrade which should be good news for those who take lots of selfies. From a 5MP f/1.7 shooter, Samsung has fitted an improved 8MP f/1.7 shooter that now comes with auto focus.

So is the Galaxy S8 any better than the S7/S7 edge when it comes to photography? Continue on to the next page.


Alexander Wong