BBM’s latest update makes its UI more user friendly

BlackBerry Messenger (or BBM) has been through many changes over the years, but the most recent one seems to have an overhauled User Interface (UI), making it more fun and user friendly.

BlackBerry has included new experiences for its Android BBM users to try, like tweaks and upgrades that are supposed to improve the app’s functionality. Remember when you couldn’t see the number of unread messages you had? Well, now there’s a number badge to help you with that.

BBM also allows you to optimize your reading and shopping affairs with a far more efficient webview UI. For those of you who use Discover, there are now more ways for you to engage with it and share your favourite services.

The update now enables users to participate in polls and interact with your favorite brand pages. There are also some added improvements to the security and privacy settings.

The BBM update was actually pushed out to Google Play Store last week, but some folks are getting the update only now. So if u still haven’t gotten the update, have a look at Google Play Store and see if it’s available for you.