Huawei P10 scores high on DxOMark

The Huawei P10‘s Leica Dual Camera 2.0 has been pretty hyped up when it comes to image quality. It’s got two different sensors that work together plus a pair of lenses that have been co-engineered with Leica. While it looks exactly the same on paper as last year’s Mate 9, it appears that in practice — as DxOMark discovers — it’s a lot better.

Renown camera evaluation site DxOMark has finally put Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone camera to the test and their overall conclusion is that it’s a “top performer” and is “up there as one of the best” with a score of 87 — matching that of the Sony Xperia XZ and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It does fall one point short of the likes of the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge’s 88 points, which means the Google Pixel still leads the pack at 89 points.

Through their testing, the boffins over at DxOMark found that the P10’s stills (which scored 88 points) were what really impressed them. They stated that the phone had a penchant for good exposures in “all conditions including extreme low light and good colour rendering with accurate white balance”.

Further, their tests have revealed that the camera is also incredibly sharp, able to preserve detail and texture even in the highlights of bright scenes. What’s more, they also found that the P10’s autofocus is “fast, accurate and repeatable in both trigger and auto mode”, which is high praise.

What did knock the score down a peg was the P10’s video score. Although still an impressive 84 points, it’s definitely not as strong as the P10’s photography prowess. DxOMark chalks it down to the P10’s low-light video performance as it produces noticeable luminance noise and unsaturated colour with noticeable colour shading.

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Still, the DxOMark praises the P10’s autofocus in video, stabilisation that’s “pretty good generally” and good video detail preservation.

With such high a score on the P10, we’re genuinely curious how well the P10 Plus would fare since it comes with f/1.8 aperture Leica Summilux-H lenses instead. The larger aperture should certainly help with reducing noise as it can let in more light.

For more information, check out DxOMark’s full report. Curious for more sample images from the P10? Check out our walk around the beautiful city of Barcelona with the Huawei P10 too.