CIMB Bank rolls out CIMB Pay mobile payment


CIMB Bank has jumped on the mobile payment bandwagon with CIMB Pay. Similar to MaybankPay, you can make debit/credit card payments using your NFC enabled smartphone.


To set up, you would need to add a card to the app which could be either debit or credit card. Unlike MaybankPay, CIMB Pay supports both MasterCard and Visa. The app also allows you to check your card balance as well. As an added layer of security, the CIMB Pay app is also password protected and you can authenticate payments quicker with your fingerprint.

Apart from making payments, the app also highlights the latest deals CIMB deals with participating merchants. At the moment, it appears that CIMB Pay is available only on Android and your phone needs to support NFC. If you’re a CIMB card holder, you can get it over here.

Apart from banks, Samsung Pay was supposed to hit Malaysia this year. Compared to other mobile payment systems, Samsung’s solution is more extensive with the addition of MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission). This allows it to be compatible with older credit card terminals that supports magnetic stripe cards. Samsung Malaysia and Maybank had invited the public for beta trials a few months ago but it has been postponed until further notice.

UPDATE: Samsung Pay Beta is now live in Malaysia.

Thanks @KevinNgTK for the tip!

Alexander Wong