GoPro recalls the Karma drone


If you own a GoPro Karma or have placed an order for one, here’s some bad news. GoPro is announcing a full recall for its first-ever drone. This is due to a performance issue where the Karma may suddenly lose power in mid-flight.

GoPro is still investigating the issue and they are working closely with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration. Without specifying exact numbers, GoPro says that the number of Karma units losing power is small but they still want all units to be returned for a full refund. Below are some examples of the Karma losing power while in the air:

There are no replacement units and even if your Karma is working fine, GoPro wants you to stop using it and return them as soon as possible. GoPro mentions that the Karma will be back on sale again once the problem has been resolved.

The issue is limited to the Karma drone and it does not affect the HERO5 Black and the Karma Grip. If you got those two bundled with the drone, customers are required to return them in a complete set. Accessories and GoPro Care for the GoPro Karma will be refunded as well.

If you’ve bought the Karma via GoPro’s website, you are urged to contact them directly for returns. Similarly, if you’ve purchased from Best Buy, you’ll need to reach out to them directly.

It’s unfortunate that GoPro’s first attempt at a drone is not taking off smoothly. The DJI Mavic Pro is the next best alternative right now. However, according to their latest update, they are struggling to keep up with demand so it would take a while for them to fulfill their initial pre-orders.

In case you missed it, here’s our first look at the GoPro HERO5 Black, GoPro Hero5 Session and GoPro Karma:

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Alexander Wong