Digi Postpaid now offers 20GB data for RM80/month


Digi has revamped its postpaid offering again and this time, it offers twice the amount of data than before. Previously packing 10GB of data and unlimited calls for RM80/month, the new revamped Postpaid 80 now comes with 20GB of data for the same price.

Looks like they are doubling up what Celcom has to offer with its current FIRST Gold.


Similar to Celcom, Digi is still doing the weekend data split. The Postpaid 80 gives 10GB of data for all day usage and another 10GB of 4G data for the weekends. The good news is they are not splitting the weekend data per week so you are able to utilise the full quota even on a single weekend. Since it is 4G, any usage on 3G during the weekends will utilise your all-day bucket.

Calls are unlimited to all networks and Digi is also bundling 300 SMS to all networks. If you can’t finish your data, you can roll over up to 2GB to the following month.

For those who travel to Singapore regularly, Digi is also offering Border Roaming add-on where you get 5GB of data and 60 minutes of voice calls for just RM5/month. It is also hinted that Internet Sharing with unlimited phone calls for supplementary lines will be offered soon.


Apart from Digi Postpaid 80, they are also offering a more affordable plan with 10GB of data (5GB + 5GB 4G weekend) at RM50/month. For heavy duty users, Digi Postpaid 110 gives you 40GB of data (20GB + 20GB 4G Weekend) at RM110/month. Digi Postpaid 50 comes bundled with 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS, while Postpaid 110 comes with Unlimited Calls and 1,000 SMS.

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These new plans are available starting today but unfortunately it isn’t available for phone bundles like the new iPhone 7. For more information, head over to Digi’s Postpaid page.

Alexander Wong