The GoPro HERO5 is launching in Malaysia next week!


UPDATE: GoPro HERO5/HERO5 Session goes on sale in Malaysia on 3 October. Here are the full details.

Just three days after the official launch of GoPro‘s latest action camera, we have received information that the HERO5 will be launching in Malaysia very soon!


FunSportz, the sole GoPro distributor in Malaysia has sent out invites to the launch event of the GoPro HERO5 that is taking place on the 1st of October (next Saturday). Based on the invite it seems likely that both members of the HERO5 lineup will be launched.


On Tuesday, GoPro unveiled two devices that would make up their HERO5 family — the HERO5 Black and the HERO5 Session. Of the two devices, the HERO5 Black is the more capable camera as it comes with a 2-inch touchscreen (like on the HERO4 Silver) and the ability to shoot 4K video at 30fps (like the HERO4 Black). What’s more, it’s also waterproof by itself, without the need of a case, up to 10 metres.


The HERO5 Session, on the other hand, succeeds the HERO4 Session but adds 4K video recording while retaining its minute waterproof body. Both the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session can also take voice commands so prepare for people shouting “RECORD!” between mouthfuls of water.

At launch, the HERO5 Black is priced at USD399 (about RM1,650) while the HERO5 Session is priced at USD299 (about RM1,235). We, unfortunately, do not have any information on the Malaysian pricing right now, so definitely stay tuned for our full coverage.


If you’ve been following the launch of the GoPro HERO5, you would also have noticed GoPro’s big announcement in the form of the Karma — GoPro’s first drone that’s more than a drone. Why is it more than a drone?

Well, besides being able to fly the Karma, you can also detach the front-mounted gimbal from the drone and attach it to something called the Karma Grip. The Grip lets you utilise the 3-axis gimbal handheld on the ground, sort of like the DJI Osmo.


GoPro has also designed the Karma to be as compact as possible, which means that the drone’s arms and legs are foldable turning the otherwise wide footprint into something sleek that fits in a backpack.

However, there is no indication on whether the Karma will be launched in Malaysia on the same day as the HERO5 cameras. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Are you excited?