This is Karma, GoPro’s foldable drone that’s “more than a drone”


After all the teasing, GoPro’s first-ever drone has finally been unveiled. Behold, the Karma, easily one of the most anticipated drones ever. Does it live up to expectations?


Well, one thing that sets the drone apart is the fact that this drone is foldable, a fact GoPro’s CEO neatly demonstrated by having the drone tucked away on stage in a backpack without anyone knowing that it was there.


All four of the quadcopter’s wings fold backwards, like a diving bird, which allows the flying device to be tucked away into a backpack without too much trouble. The Karma will be able to take GoPro HERO4 or the brand new HERO5 cameras via a mount hooked up to a 3-axis gimbal at the front of the drone. What makes it special is that this gimbal can be detached from the drone and attached to the included Karma Grip so you can use it sort of like DJI’s Osmo hand-held camera.



Users will control the Karma via a controller that also has a flip-out touch screen. This is designed to keep things simple for less experienced pilots. With this screen, you don’t need an extra smartphone or tablet which is nice.


Unfortunately, the drone does not come with a camera if you buy it for the base asking price of USD799 (around RM3,300). If you want a camera, you can opt to pick the drone up with a HERO5 Session for USD999 (around RM4,122) or a HERO5 Black for USD1,099 (around RM4,540).