Had your eye on the Sony Xperia X Performance? Here’s some bad news


Sony Mobile Malaysia has confirmed on their Twitter account that the top-end Sony Xperia X Performance will not be making its way to our shores. Gasp!

When Sony launched the Xperia XA, XA Ultra and X smartphone in Malaysia, we queried them about the X Performance and if we would see it land on our shores. Their answer was a little evasive, but the gist of it was that if there was a market then they would consider bringing it in.

Clearly, there wasn’t a market for it as Sony Xperia MY tweeted recently that the X Performance would not see the light of Malaysia’s scorching sun.

There could be many reasons why this is the case. The most obvious of which would be the price. Considering the fact that the Snapdragon 650-powered Xperia X already retails at RM2,499, I shudder at the thought of how much Sony would sell the Snapdragon 820-powered X Performance for.

Looking at the X Performance’s competition — stuff like the Huawei P9 and Samsung Galaxy S7 — and how close their pricing is to the Xperia X, I doubt that the more expensive X Performance would sell well.

Are you sad to see that the X Performance won’t make it to our shores?