Track your steps with the help of a familiar Italian plumber


UPDATE: Creator Steve Cicco informed us that the formatting for the Time Round has been updated!

Step counters are usually limited numbers on a screen. Sometimes, they have a pair of shoes next to the numbers, other times they’ve got feet. Now, you can have the wonderful world of Super Mario as a visual gauge of how far you’ve walked today.

Previously, website Mental Floss calculated the distance Mario had to run and swim in Super Mario Bros before he could rescue the princess. That came up to a total distance of 3.4 miles (about 5.47 km). Now, developer Steve Cicco has come up with a Pebble watchface that places you in the Mushroom Kingdom and tracks your steps to see how far you would make it in a day.

Called Steps with Mario, this watchface isn’t a Mario game for your smartphone/smartwatch, however, it’s just a fun way to track your steps throughout the day.


The watchface progresses through screenshots for each level of Super Mario Bros the more you walk and it also includes the date, time and battery percentage (represented by the coin count). Once you’ve hit 3.4 miles, you would have theoretically completed the game and the end screen will pop up only for it to be reset back to level 1-1 the next day.


For now, this only works for Pebble smartwatches, but there is the off chance that someone might make something similar (or better) for Android Wear watches soon. Until then, if you have a Pebble smartwatch and you want to check this out, head on over here.

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UPDATE: The peculiar Time Round formatting has been updated.


I have to say, it definitely looks better.