Apple’s iPhone SE will officially go on sale in Malaysia on 13 May


The iPhone SE turned a lot of heads when it was announced. Some thought it was brilliant, others thought it was rubbish, but the one undeniable thing is that Apple had made a statement and it was something nobody else was willing to make.

Well, to the many of you who have been raving about wanting to pick one up, the wait won’t be much longer as authorised Apple resellers in Malaysia have revealed that the world’s most powerful 4-inch smartphone will go on sale next week.


In recent Facebook posts by both Mac City and Switch, it looks like the iPhone SE will officially go on sale on the 13th of May 2016 — that’s next Friday — in all their outlets and online stores. According to Switch, they will also reveal other details of the sale, like what colours will be available and which retail outlets will get it first slightly before 13 May so stay tuned for updates.

It’s been almost two whole months since Apple announced the iPhone 5s’ successor and while it was previously available locally via unofficial channels, this marks the first time authorised resellers will be putting it on their shelves.


Although small, this device packs a punch as it comes with almost all the latest hardware Apple has to offer — but of course for all that performance, you should be expected to pay a rather premium price:

iPhone SE 16GB – RM1,949
iPhone SE 64GB – RM2,449


Of course, for those who want a smaller iPhone but don’t want to pay too much for it, Machines and Switch will let you pick up the old iPhone 5s for RM1,299.

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Still, the iPhone SE is the most entry-level smartphone with premium specs Apple has right now so for people who have always wanted to try an iPhone but were unwilling to pony up, this is probably the most viable option out there. For more info, check out why we think this smartphone is a big deal.

Will you be lining up on the 13th of May to be among the first to pick up this new iPhone?