This could be the best postpaid plan in town — RM80/month for unlimited everything


UPDATE: Webe’s postpaid plan is now official. Unlimited calls, sms and data from RM79/month. More details here.

Many of you might not have heard of Webe, but after today’s set of events, they’re probably going to be on everyone’s lips. We have speculated in the past that Webe might become the next 4G LTE operator (under P1 and TM) and it looks like our suspicions might have just become reality.

What’s more, it also seems that Webe might just have the best mobile 4G LTE plan yet.

After some digging, came across a staging site for the aforementioned Webe. This staging site not only reveals that Webe is going to begin operations as a 4G LTE operator, but also that they’re offering ridiculously good value plans.


From the looks of things, Webe’s starter plan will offer consumers 20GB of data, 1,000 minutes of calls and 1,000 SMSes from only RM8 a month. Keep in mind that the RM8/month price tag is only available for existing P1 customers who choose to pick up a device plus the plan.


If someone is an existing P1 customer that doesn’t want to pick up a plan, they would have to pay RM9. For non-P1 customers, you would have to pay RM10 for the plan instead.

As peculiar as it sounds, also discovered that if you wanted to enable tethering for your Webe data plan, you would have to add on an additional RM10. That brings the total up to RM20/month which is still a pretty smashing deal.


But that’s not all. It also seems that Webe are looking to introduce an unlimited plan for RM80/month. And when they say unlimited, they truly mean unlimited as the page indicates that users who subscribe to this plan will get unlimited 4G Internet, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. The plan also allows for shared lines (up to 3 lines) which could mean that up to four different lines sharing one unlimited quota.

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Comparatively, an existing RM80 plan like Celcom’s FIRST Gold plan only gives you 10GB of data (split between weekends and weekdays).

However, as this is only a test page, we do urge you to take this with a grain of salt as its seems too good to be true. These numbers could only be placeholder figures and not reflect the final plan’s pricing. Either way, this is exciting stuff and we will find out the truth of them come the 13th of April when P1 finally unveils its big secret.

What do you guys think of these plans?

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