Maxis responds to accusation of giving special offers to those that port out


Maxis currently has one the most expensive postpaid plans in the country and it’s not surprising for customers to consider other alternatives. Before a customer ports out, a telco can try to retain them and word has it that Maxis is giving special offers that are better than ones on the menu.

A while back, there are customers complaining of discrimination when Maxis introduced a special East Malaysian plan that offered 5GB of data, unlimited calls/SMS and free unlimited off-peak internet for RM68/month. As a comparison, the standard MaxisONE Plan comes with just 1GB of data and unlimited calls/SMS for RM98/month.

As word got out, Maxis has came out to issue a statement on these “selective offers”.

You may have read of an exaggerated Maxis save offer in the forum that has been circulating recently when it was first posted on 9 March 2016. We just want to say that this save offer does not exist in the way it was described.

As with any company that has good data on customers, we often design and run targeted campaigns based on factors such as tenure, types of services used, payment history and many more. These targeted campaigns are to ensure that customers get to try out the varied services and plans that Maxis offers.

Sometimes Maxis uses offers to stimulate trial of new services. Every now and then we also offer special deals to get our customers to switch in their family members as Maxis customers or to extend a contract.

Additionally, in conjunction with Maxis’ 4G expansion into more towns in Sabah and Sarawak, we launched an introductory 4G promotion that comes with more data. We simply want the East Malaysian residents to enjoy the 4G experience with the upgraded network. The network upgrade has already happened in other parts of the country and now brings the same improved performance to 8 towns across East Malaysia.

What do you guys think? We do have readers and friends being quietly offered a better deal. According to Maxis, they are calling it targeted campaigns but are you convinced? Let us know if you’re offered something similar by Maxis.

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Alexander Wong