Will the iPhone 6c look exactly like the iPhone 6/6s?


As the supposed March Apple event approaches, more and more leaks have come out on both the Apple Watch 2 and now what is supposed to be the iPhone 6c. Or 5e. Whatever the name though, this Apple smartphone is said to have a smaller 4-inch display and should be unveiled in March. Now a video has surfaced, claiming to be the “First real 4-inch iPhone 2016” video leak, the short 40-second clip — if true — does give at least some information on Apple’s purported next product.

Yeah, it looks exactly like an iPhone 6/6s. In fact, it looks so much like an iPhone 6/6s that many are calling this video a fake and that the reason it looks small-ish is because the guy manning the camera has large hands. Honestly, it does look kind of sketchy and as 9to5Mac pointed out, the speaker grille ratios were pretty similar to the 4.7-inch iPhone so that does add some credence to the “big-hands” justification.

It is said that MIC Gadget has a reasonable history in obtaining devices for a hands-on ahead of time so maybe there is some truth to all of this. But, there is no way of identifying if this is actually the new iPhone 6C or if it is just a regular iPhone 6. There’s tape over many of the important identifier bits, there is no comparison with the iPhone 6/6s, and there is really nothing in the room that can tell us anything about the scale of this device.

Considering how good iPhone clones have gotten, it honestly wouldn’t be too surprising if the phone in the video is actually a clone made to look like it could be the iPhone 6c. There have been many fakes in the past, some running an iOS skinned version of Android, some just flat out running Android, but it seems that there are plenty of people who can’t tell the difference:

Clearly many are willing to believe anything people tell them, so perhaps this guy is banking on the gullibility of society? Who knows. What we do know is that you shouldn’t believe everything someone tells you. So, as with all rumours, take it with a grain of salt.

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What do you think of this device and its “hands-on” video? Does it look legit? Would you buy one? Why did they make it look exactly the same as the iPhone 6/6s instead of going down the iPhone 5c route? Let us know in the comments below.