Popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter finally has an Android app


Kickstarter projects are growing by the day. Some of the things you can find there are nothing short of amazing, from camera control modules, to remote-controlled paper planes, to movies and even smartwatches. With such a large following though it seems weird that Kickstarter never brought their application to the Google Play Store — until now.


It does seem odd that Kickstarter left the Android platform without an app for so long, but maybe they were caught up with something. Well, they clearly got around to doing so eventually, but it appears some key functions missing. With the Android app, you can discover and pledge for projects as well as get updates from your backed projects. You can also connect with your friends to see what they’re backing. As something for you to browse the wealth of Kickstarter’s library, this application is pretty decent then.

However, if you’re a project creator, your hands are tied. You would have to resort to the browser version because the application will not allow you to manage your projects with it. It seems a little silly that such a feature was left out front the start and would only be coming in the future, but I guess if you consider the number of backers versus the number of creators, that percentage is pretty lopsided.

Kickstarter could instead just make another app specially for creators — like what Facebook does with its Pages Manager app — though that seems unlikely especially if you’re looking at the iOS app. If you’re a big Kickstarter user, definitely try the app out (you can download it here) and definitely let us know what you think about it versus the browser version or even the iOS version.