HTC One M8 receives Android Marshmallow OTA


Looks like Marshmallow has finally hit a smartphone with a HTC name, at least in our region. Sense is now version 7 too with the ROM version listed as 6.14.707.1. Surely this is great news for One M8 owners and paves the way for more OEMs to get Marshmallow and all the goodies that come along with.

The Taiwanese company appears to be one of the first few manufacturers that have managed to get the latest version of Android up and running on their devices. Though we’re not sure what other models will receive the update as there’s no official statement from them yet.

We received the tip from h_1_s that the HTC One M8 has received an OTA update earlier today; sharing with us the screenshot you’ll see after the break.


To see whether your HTC has an updating waiting for you simply check manually by going to:

Settings > About > Software

The software update sizes in at 1.14GB and according to HTC, it’ll take an hour for the whole upgrading process to finish.

Sense has been skimmed down a lot since its heavier days and the new update should probably further reduce the clutter – as promised by the twitter account of HTC USA – that promised those who bought HTC’s A9 would receive Google SW updates within 15 days. Seems like their policy has in some way trickled down to their older devices as well with Marshmallow making its way down.

If you need a refresher on what will be on Marshmallow, here’s some things you can expect:

Do note that images shown below are from a Nexus 6P, used as an example.

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App permissions

Those using HTC devices can now individually give permissions to certain apps and remove them without rendering these apps useless.

Now on Tap

Users can now pull information based on contextual data on their screens. E.g. a text message containing a movie title, holding down your home button will allow you to bring up Google cards related to the movie.


Battery optimisation is finally here and HTC users will benefit vastly from it. Marshmallow will allow your devices to go into a deep(er) sleep than usual, saving a lot of battery in the process.

Don’t expect Sense to look like a Vanilla carbon copy because they’ll definitely maintain some distinctive qualities.

Please share with us if you’ve managed to update your HTC devices, do let us know what model and be sure to pass along some screenshots too. We’d like to see how Sense 7 looks!

Thanks to @h_1_s for the tip.