Report reaffirms Samsung Galaxy S7’s new features


As we enter 2016, one of the biggest devices to look forward to is Samsung’s Galaxy S7. The new flagship smartphones are expected to be announced during MWC 2016 and they are likely to retain a duo release of a standard and an “edge” version that comes with a curve screen.

We’ve seen a couple of speculations for the Galaxy S7 and a new report by WSJ has reaffirmed what we know so far.

According to their sources, the Korean maker will be implementing a pressure sensitive display that’s very much like Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus. Based on a patent filed by Samsung, the display allows you to alternate between space/tab, upper/lower-case keys according to the pressure of your touch. Also introduced for the first time in their product line is a high-speed charging/transfer port via USB Type C.

Probably a much-welcomed feature is the likely return of a microSD slot. This year Samsung has gotten brickbats from its users for dropping expandable storage for its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5. The expandable slot is said to be available on specific models, and it won’t be included across all flagship models.

In terms of cameras, Samsung will be introducing its new BRITECELL sensors that boast better low light performance. If you hate camera bumps. the new shooter is said to be flush with minimal protrusion at the back. As an extra party trick, Samsung might just include a Retina Scanner to unlock your device and we’ve seen ZTE implementing such feature on the Axon.


Design wise, Samsung is expected to stick to its winning formula of using metal and glass. Its choice of using premium materials had helped Samsung to move upmarket and it was a huge leap from its former plasticky smartphones of old. Don’t expect a radical change in appearance but perhaps some minor tweaks to differentiate the Galaxy S7 from its existing models.

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If the Galaxy S7/S7 edge launches in February, we might be able to see them in stores locally as early as end March or early April.

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Alexander Wong