Fitbit updates its top-line wearables to support automatic exercise tracking


Expecting a huge margin of their sales to come from individuals wanting to start their fitness journey in line with the New Year resolutions, Fitbit has sought out to add something special to its existing products. Since the company based out of San Francisco hasn’t released anything of late, this update could be the next best thing; adding 3 great features to revitalise the Fitbit Charge HR and Surge.

An uphill climb to begin your road towards becoming a healthier individual takes a lot, with gallons of sweat, a few tears, a lot of muscle soreness and a motivator to keep you going. If you’ve tried out fitness trackers before you’d know that fiddling with the controls when all you want to do is start working out, can be a huge annoyance.


This is why one of its new features will be a key differentiator in the fitness tracking market – automatically recognising whenever you’re exercising and logging it after 15 minutes of constant activity. SmartTrack will able to tell what physical activity you’re partaking in; extending across the modes already available on your Fitbit fitness tracker. There’s a caveat though, SmartTrack only works when it senses activities with continuous movement.

They range from:

Outdoor biking


There’s also a personalisation input, letting you to predetermine which movements are associated with which particular exercise activity, so if the device is failing to tell the difference between your activities, this will definitely help. Users will get a chance to lessen or extend the minimum number of minutes before the tracker starts counting, ranging from 10 minutes all the way up to 90 minutes.

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They’ve also stepped up the heart rate technology’s software, with PurePulse – an update that promises to give more accurate monitoring of your heart beating, when using Exercise Mode and multi-sport modes. This comes as many users have complained that the wearable doesn’t keep up or provide real-time tracking when they’re moving rigorously during high-intensity workouts.


Aptly, Fitbit have given the users on their ecosystem to make use of the weekly exercise goals. Basing it off how many days you’ve committed to staying active and reminding you to keep at it on the daily by showing you stats and progress to keep users accountable of themselves.