“Insider information” suggests that Samsung will restore microSD slot on the Galaxy S7 series

151123-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-MicroSD-03Renders of the Galaxy S7

As of late, the Korean manufacturer hasn’t had the best of luck with keeping a tight lid on its unreleased devices. You would’ve heard it all before,  how their larger flagships starting showing up way before their 2015 Unpacked event in New York. To no surprise, we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S7 line to face the same fortunate (for us) fate.

Addressing the potential processors inside the device before, today, new reports are alleging that Samsung might re-equip their flagships with one feature that when left out, have scorned their existing customer base; more so when Malaysia and other regions only received the 32GB for purchase option – yes, we mean reinstating a microSD slot on the smartphone(s)


A plethora of options open up with 2016 on the horizon, with new processors and new camera technology, the possibilities are endless. The year will mark the latest generation of mobile processors as it’ll bring about launches of the Exynos 8890, Kirin 950, and the Qualcomm 820 – no matter how unnecessary these high-end chipsets might be, the thirst for more power and futureproofing devices aren’t slowing down one bit.


It’s likely that the Galaxy S7 series will see two SoC options, one Exynos and one Qualcomm; both models listed above, though they might be region specific. Other specs purported by rumours would be the latest reversible USB Type-C port and a display that reacts differently when more pressure is applied. If that sounds familiar, it’ll be some sort of 3D Touch/Pressure Sensitive display you’ve seen on the current-gen iPhones and Huawei devices.

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The announcement of BRITECELL, Samsung’s new camera technology then brings better potential for low-light photography. Enhancing photos and light sensitivity in badly lit conditions and boasts 1.0µm. You can read more about that here.


It’s been said that the Galaxy S7 edge will not be dual edged on the sides but instead have the same tapering glass on the top and bottom. Given the circumstances, this would be possible, since the manufacturer did patent a top-to-bottom curved display of late.


Leaving leaks and rumours as they are, it’ll be interesting to see how redesigned the next flagship devices from Samsung will look like; since we can already expect them to go all the way when it comes to internal components.

Would you spare Samsung another look, if they toyed with the idea of putting a microSD card back inside? Was that one of the reasons that made you leave the Galaxy series? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

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