Finally a power bank that you can wear around your waist


Power banks are a life saver for our gadgets but they can be bulky to carry around. With wearables becoming a new trend, how about a power bank that you can wear with you wherever you go? That’s what Ion Tech Wear plans to accomplish with its new Ion Belt. It’s an elegant looking leather belt that could juice up your smart phone during critical moments.

Being a flexible accessory, the Ion Belt uses a different battery cells from your typical power bank. Holding up 3,000mAh of charge is a specially designed ENCAPSULPAK, that consists of two steel layers to protect the batteries from stresses and potential damage.

To charge the belt, you can connect the middle buckle that doubles up as a USB connector to your existing USB chargers at home. Towards the end of the belt tip is a full size USB port which you can use to charge your smart phone and tablets. To check on the battery levels, there’s an LED indicator light which can be activated by a push of a button.

The belt comes in 3 different sizes so that you can pick one to fit your waistline. With the belt tip positioned close to your pocket, this makes it easy to charge your smart phone while it is in your pocket.

If you’re interested, the early bird Ion Belt units are going for US$89 (about RM381) if you pledge now. Officially it will retail for US$130 (about RM556) and stocks are expected to ship in June 2016. On Kickstarter, the Ion Belt currently has crossed the 50% mark of its US$50,000 goal. Interested? Check out their page here.





Alexander Wong