Maxis knocks Digi off the widest 4G LTE coverage pedestal

Rolling off a strong Q3 2015 performance, the telco provider has just announced that they’ve managed to extend their 4G LTE network coverage to 55% of the population. This cuts out Digi’s widest claim by 5% and will bring great news to all smartphone users on the Maxis network.

In Q3 alone, Maxis allocated RM 359 million to increase its LTE coverage nationwide. Exceeding 55% of the current population of Malaysia, now allows them to hold the widest 4G LTE network title in the country. That accounts for 95% of coverage across key market centres and 60% in all state capitals.

Serving their 9 million internet users, the telco is aware that as more people get on their data network, a higher need will surface to provide a faster and wider network for all. Adding 1.5 million 4G LTE customers in only a year, it’ll be a challenging task for them to keep up with the average 2.3GBs of data used per user.

The telco is anticipating to spend roughly RM 1.2 billion to RM 1.3 billion on CAPEX for 2015, ensuring that they can mediate any high data traffic that will arrive with more customers. Head on over here to check out if your area is covered by Maxis’ 4G LTE network

Considering the Digi claim, what do Maxis users make of this announcement? Have you seen your 4G LTE network widen over the past 3 months? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.