TM refreshes its broadband offering with new Unifi ADVANCE PLAN


Today marks a change at TM with a new website and refresh of its high speed broadband offering. Branding wise, the Unifi logo remains unchanged since its inception but its online presence has been revamped with a store-like design for easier online application.

With calls for faster and cheaper broadband, TM has revised its broadband offering with its new Unifi ADVANCE PLAN which claims to pack the best value in the industry.


For starters, the new Unifi home plans come in just 2 options – 30Mbps and 50Mbps. This essentially is the same “new” plans we’ve seen before but with reduced subscription fees. The TM Unifi ADVANCE PLAN with 30Mbps is offered at RM179/month instead of RM199/month, and if you need 50Mbps, it can be yours for RM229/month (before GST).

By default, you get HyppTV as standard which comes with HyppTV Aneka or HyppTV Varnam Pack for free. You also get a DECT Phone bundled in but calls are now charged separately at 20 sen/min to all local numbers including mobile. For those needing unlimited calls to fixed lines like its former VIP plans, you can opt for the Voice Pack that costs RM20/month.

In terms of speed, the 30Mbps plan gives you 30Mbps download while uploads are at 5Mbps. For RM50/month extra, you get 50Mbps download with a faster uplink of 10Mbps. So if you’re an existing VIP 10 customer enjoying 10Mbps for both download and upload, your next upgrade should be the ADVANCE PLAN with 50Mbps download and 10Mbps. Essentially you’re getting 5x the download speed while the upload speed remains unchanged.

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TM insists that its Unifi packages are competitively priced against its competitors. With Maxis jumping onto the fibre broadband business, it had caused a stir with its cheaper 10Mbps offering from as low as RM128/month. When compared on the same speed of 30Mbps, Unifi appears to pack more value considering it includes HyppTV and you get a fixed line with the option for unlimited calls at RM20/month.



For enterprise users, they have a similar offering with its Unifi BIZ ADVANCE PLAN. The base 30Mbps plan with Dynamic IP starts at RM259/month (Normal: RM299/month) and you have the option to upgrade to 50Mbps at RM50/month extra. There’s also Simple Voice Plus Plan for free fixed line calls at RM30/month and there are more add-ons for MS Office, POS systems and surveillance services. Like the Home plans, the 30Mbps offering comes with 5Mbps upload while the 50Mbps option gets 10Mbps upload.


Strangely TM has removed its lower 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps Unifi packages of old. While the new Unifi ADVANCE PLANS might offer higher speeds for less, it doesn’t really address the concerns of affordable broadband. When we did a quick search, it seems that the 30Mbps/50Mbps plans have limited coverage areas and if you’re not covered, it suggests that you take up Streamyx instead. Perhaps they should consider introducing a cheaper 5Mbps option without the extra bells and whistles instead.

For more information, head over to the new Unifi page.

Alexander Wong