Digi is now Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network provider


What does it take to be the widest 4G LTE network? Well apparently if you can connect every 1 in 2 Malaysians, it’ll earn you the title. Digi has managed to surpass their 45% network coverage year-end target by 5% and their network is currently able to support that 50% of the population on their high-speed internet service.

It doesn’t just stop there, as they plan to further their rollout by an additional 1,500 cell tower sites by the end of 2015 to increase their already wide network. Words from Digi’s CEO, Albern Murty says that Digi has expanded their “4G LTE coverage to reach 28 major cities and secondary towns nationwide.”


Their 4G networks are now able to support the 1800MHz and 2600MHz base bands. Obviously more spectrum bands allow wider coverage and it’ll help both indoors and outdoors too.

So far in the past 3 years, the yellow themed telco company has spent RM 2.3 billion in CAPEX (capital expenditures), with the funds mainly going to its networks. Additionally, they’ve set aside another RM 900 million for this year to increase their network strength for Malaysians.

If you’re on the Digi network tell us how has the experience been so far, do you notice better network coverage as of late? Let us know in the comments below.