OnePlus’ co-founder wants to sign up for an internship at his biggest competitor


Maxis is already selling the OnePlus 2 through the same infamous invite system that drew much flak when started by OnePlus. A selling strategy that conjured up to ensure that they sell products at an extremely small profit margin. Their stint so far has proven that while people really want to buy their devices, they can’t keep up with the demand. So much so till it has driven Carl Pei to ask Samsung for an internship position, so he’ll be able to learn about being a bigger name in the market.

The Shenzen based company, has faced a lot of hurdles since coming to existence in December 2013. They’ve suffered immense pressure to keep up the supply chain, and even daring to declare themselves as the “2016 Flagship Killer”. Maybe Mr Pei’s intentions of heading to Samsung would be to see how they incorporate Fast Charging in their devices; considering OnePlus didn’t include any form of the technology in their 2 devices or perhaps get some insider info on how to kill Samsung’s flagship in 2016.


He’s even gone on record on his personal blog, stating that since the OnePlus 2, he’s learned important lessons from not meeting demands of orders. Adding that the company is working overtime just to get their newest device into the hands of their owners.

It’s a given really when you intend to have a “one-hour open sale” that caused those on the invite-list to go mad – why have an open sale when you can’t even sell to those already waiting. We’re still not sure if they have a proper team handling marketing but at least they’ve set out to disrupt the market. Tipping the scales in favour of the consumer, so we’ll have to give lift our hats in that aspect.

If the industry evolves, there’s likely room for more competition amongst the respective manufacturers – loosely quoting Carl Pei. But this is when it takes the cake, he goes on to say :-

“So, Samsung, today I have a proposal for you: let me be your intern. Seriously. I would be honoured to learn from your team about how you’ve been able to scale, run and manage your business so successfully. In turn, I would be happy to share what we’ve learned about how to engage with our community and implement their feedback to deliver a better user experience.

Better yet, let’s do an intern swap. I would be honoured to visit your headquarters, and, in turn, we would be happy to host one of your executives here to show you how we work at OnePlus”

We’ll let you be the judge if this is an honest attempt at reaching out or just another stunt that could lead the brand further down the rabbit hole. Subsequently, the guys at Android Authority managed to dig up Pei’s LinkedIn account, which shows that the Co-founder has been around. Take a look at the photo below.

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These kids could offer Carl some insights on how to successfully get an internship opportunity at Samsung. Take some pointers Mr Pei, they’re way ahead of you.