U Mobile to give #FreeInternetForLife and a chance to win an iPhone 6


This Thursday, U Mobile will be revealing a new product that claims to set a new benchmark in its segment. With just days away, U Mobile has gotten the ball rolling with its #FreeInternetForLife hashtag on Twitter. Like its name suggests, this could possibly mean the end of Pay Per Use Charge and Internet will be free (albeit throttled) for all users.

To bump up the hype, U Mobile is giving away 3 iPhone 6, with a unit each for the 20,000th, 40,000th and 60,000th tweet with the hashtag #FreeInternetforLife. On their official FreeInternetForLife page, they are teasing what could be the name of their new prepaid plan which will be unlocked by the number of tweets.

If you can’t wait, you can check out what we’ve found after the break.


With its sequential naming of each each teaser block, we managed to compile the full image as shown above. So is it going to be called U Mobile Power Prepaid? This looks like their direct answer to Xpax’s #MagicSIM. Since almost everyone is giving free basic internet, U Mobile should be offering more if it plans to shake up the prepaid segment. Could it be more free high-speed internet? or Unlimited video/music streaming? We’ll find out more this Thursday.