Xiaomi to launch something on 16th July. Might not be a phone.


Xiaomi has the knack for teasing new products with very little details. For this month, they are marking 16th July as a launch for something special. If you’ve be following Xiaomi, you should know that they are venturing beyond smart phones and they are trying to expand into the smart home segment.

So far they have released 4 teaser images and it shows something metalic and slender. With a power plug being displayed in the teaser, this is looking like another new appliance. Could it be a new ultra-thin Mi TV? or maybe a whole new product like their Smart Air Purifier?


Some are speculating it could be a new phone, likely the new Mi 5 flagship smart phone. While it is almost a year since the original Mi 4 was announced, it seems to be too soon for another flagship right after the release of its Mi Note Pro and the Mi 4i.

The Redmi Note phablet is due for a replacement but judging from the teaser image, we don’t think this would be a new smart phone. We have a feeling this could be a new TV that could take on the Sony’s 4.9mm thin 4K TV, which is currently the world’s thinnest. What do you think? Leave your comments below.