The Apple Watch’s first swimming app is not made for a watch built for a dip

apple watch underwater

The Apple Watch’s first ever swimming app has surfaced, but cannot be listed on the App Store because the Watch is not designed to handle an afternoon swim.

With an IP certification of IP X7, the watch can basically handle being submerged for up to 30 minutes in up to a metre deep of water with no issue but even then Apple doesn’t recommend wearing it to the pool.

Developer Ted Bradley is the guy behind the app, having written a similar one for the Pebble and porting it over to the Apple Watch. Granted he had issues porting it over due to differences between the interfaces and the complexity of the OS. Like on the Pebble apps stay open till the user closes it while on the Watch the screen shuts off to save on power, causing the app to stop measuring real time data.

However there are APIs in place that allow the Watch to recall data stored while the screen is off, so once the screen is back on you get the rest of the information, albeit with a bit of lag.

The info can also be imported to HealthKit to measure the number of laps completed and distance covered, making use of the heart rate sensor as well.

As well as the app works, Apple does not endorse apps that encourage users to use an Apple device in ways that could possibly damage it, hence why you will never find it on the App Store. Bradley and his team does hope that the next gen Apple Watch has better waterproofing so apps like his can really get the most out of the Watch.

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