Android Wear devices can now play YouTube Videos, but why?

androidwear video

Smart watches are awesome, frankly they are. But for all they can do, most of them cannot play video for obvious reasons. Now you can watch YouTube videos on yourAndroid Wear device, if you couldn’t figure out any other way to drain its battery faster.

The app, named Video for Android Wear & YouTube, will allow you to watch videos on your Android Wear compatible devices and search for videos via an extremely claustrophobic interface. But hey, you can now watch stuff on your watch.

Technically it doesn’t even work if your smartwatch lacks speakers but you can still cast to any Chromecast-capable device or pair it up to anything with Android speakers or headphones.

While its really cool to be able to watch videos on your smartwatch, do yourself a favour and pair it to your smartphone instead. It does have a bigger screen after all.

You can download Video for Android Wear here and its free.