Maxis wants you to keep calm and drive safe with Waze Safe Mode


Driving can be stressful and apparently 9 out of 10 parents drive safer if their kids are in the car. However most of the time, the kids can’t accompany them on their daily commute and Maxis has teamed up with Waze with a little add-on for safer driving.

They have introduced a new Safe Mode voice pack, which essentially use voices of Malaysian children to give directions and traffic alerts.


The Maxis Safe Mode voice pack is now available on Waze and you can turn it on via Settings > Sounds > Navigation Guidance and then select “English (US) – Safe Mode Kids”. So in addition to your typical navigation assistance, you have kids reminding you to focus on the road instead of your handphone and to buckle up before starting your trip.

If you haven’t download Waze yet, it is a social GPS navigation with live traffic data and user generated alerts. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. For more info, visit Maxis’s Waze Safe Mode page.