Gmail now lets you undo your sent mail with Undo Send

gmail undo _1

At long last after spending six years in development, Gmail’s Undo Send feature is finally available to the masses. The vast majority of us have already felt the horror of accidentally sending a mail with typos, the wrong person’s name or even when its unfinished and the new feature is set to change that.

The function allows you to “unsend” an email for up to 30 seconds where it holds the mail for you after you hit the send button; so you have time to react incase you change your mind. The Undo Send feature is currently available only for desktop but we will be getting it for mobile in the near future.

Gmail undo

To activate it yourself, head on to your Gmail settings under the General tab and enable it. You can then pick between 5 to 30 seconds of delay time for Gmail to hold on to your mail. Its a very handy feature to have, we just wish it had come out sooner.