TuneTalk is selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge but with additional 6% mark up


Tune Talk now offers the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, A5 and J1 on their online store, giving you another option to buy if you’re not into contracts. As usual, Tune Talk throws in additional free airtime credit up to RM500, which makes it more enticing especially if you’re a Tune Talk subscriber.

When you check out their online store, strangely Tune Talk is selling the devices higher than the recommended retail price with their Galaxy S6 being sold at RM2,754.94 and S6 edge at RM3,284.94. The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge was launched in Malaysia at RM2,599 and RM3,099 respectively inclusive of 6% GST.


For the Galaxy A5, it is sold at RM1,345.14 which RM74.20 more than its original price of RM1,199, plus RM71.94 for 6% GST. The same story goes as well for the Galaxy A3 which is sold at RM1005.94 instead of RM952.94 (with 6% GST). However the Galaxy J1 price seems to be about right at RM422.94, inclusive of 6% GST. Hopefully this is just a miscalculation when they add the devices onto their store as they shouldn’t be selling them higher than the standard RRP.

In terms of free airtime, Tune Talk is giving RM500 worth if you pick up the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, which is given out at RM50 each month. The Galaxy A5 gets RM300 airtime, while its Galaxy A3 gets RM200 worth instead. For the entry-level Galaxy J1, that comes with just RM100 worth of airtime.

For more info, head over to TuneTalk’s Online Store.